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Young Carers

At Heathlands Primary Academy we are keen to support every child to reach their potential.  We understand that some pupils may help to care for other family members at home and that this can affect a child’s emotional, social and academic well-being.  We are keen to ensure that children who are young carers are appropriately supported, in the best way that suits them.


We consider a Young Carer as any child who regularly looks after a family member who has an illness, disability, mental illness or addiction.  This person may be a sibling, a parent or a member of their extended family.


The type of tasks undertaken by young carers can vary but a young carer may do some of the following:

  • Practical tasks, such as cooking, housework and shopping.

  • Physical care, such as lifting, helping a parent on stairs or with physiotherapy.

  • Personal care, such as dressing, washing, helping with toileting needs.

  • Managing the family budget, collecting benefits and prescriptions.

  • Administering medication.

  • Looking after or “parenting” younger siblings.

  • Emotional support.

  • Interpreting, due to hearing impairment or because English is not the family’s first language.


We run a young carers group where we provide emotional support in a fun environment. The group is coordinated by our Family Support Worker, Carla Pilgrim, who is also available for pupils to talk to at any time, just for a chat or to share worries or to simply offload.


If your child is a young carer, please do let us know.  Speak to Carla at the beginning or end of the school day when she is available in the playground or telephone the office to make an appointment. 


Recently our young carers were treated to a day out at the Oceanarium in Bournemouth, kindly paid for by North Bournemouth Rotary Club.


Carla Pilgrim, Family Support Worker and Designated School Link Worker for Young Carers