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Uniform & Dress Code

Uniform Guide 2021-22

Heathlands Primary Academy & Pre-school Uniform 


Reception -Year 6

Children in Reception will wear white polo shirts and no tie.

All children in Years 1 to 6 will wear a white shirt with a proper collar and a school tie.


Ties, cardigans and jumpers need to be bought from the school uniform suppliers but shirts, skirts and trousers can be bought from local supermarkets.


Navy polo shirts can be worn for PE with black shorts/trousers and trainers. Plain white t-shirts can also be worn for PE days. Children come to school dressed in their kit. 


There is a school policy on the length of skirts and dresses discussed by School Councillors and Governors stating that they must be knee length. This is to stop any embarrassment about underwear being seen when skirts and dresses are too short or have splits in them.

(Full details of our uniform are detailed below.)



We consider it very important for the well-being, health and safety of our pupils that the correct uniform is worn and non-uniform items are not brought into school.   We would be very grateful for your support in ensuring that your child has the correct uniform at all times. The school does have a stock of second hand uniform so please do ask any staff member about this. We aim to have a second hand uniform stall at the beginning of terms if stock allows. Please do donate any unwanted uniform that is clean and reusable to the school office or give to staff on the doors. We will then ensure it is offered out to other families. 


School uniform can be bought from our supplier, CJI Clothing, who are based in Moordown.  For those who prefer shopping online CJI Clothing offer this facility. CJI Clothing offer a budget payment plan and eligible families can claim a grant to help with uniform costs. Please call our school office if you would like more information. 


Stock Prices:

These items are embroidered with the Heathlands logo

School Tie £4.50

School Jumper - £13.00

School Cardigan - £15.00

School Book Bag - £8.00

School Cap - £6.00 (optional)



  • Grey/Black skirt, trousers or shorts (school trouser material NOT sports wear or denim)
  • White collared shirt and school tie (Yr1 to Yr6 only)
  • White polo shirt (Nursery and Reception)
  • Blue and white checked dresses (Alternative to the above)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • White/grey/black socks or tights
  • Black low heeled shoes with closed-in toes NOT boots or trainers



All children have 2 sessions of PE each week.  One is outside and one is inside.  For these sessions children will need:


  • plain white T-shirt 
  • black or navy blue shorts/ jogging trousers
  • white, black or grey socks
  • Trainers 


You will be informed of the days for PE and your child should wear their kit to school on those days.


No jewellery can be worn during PE sessions to avoid any injuries. 

Children should be able to remove items themselves or not wear any on PE days. Staff will not remove items or cover them.


Children in KS2 will need a swimming costume and towel at certain times of the year when it is their allocated swim sessions. You will be notified of this by letter and message.


Children in Key Stage 2 may need football boots, but you will be notified in advance.


Football kit/strips are not acceptable for PE and Sport in school.


Caterpillars Pre-school

School uniform is optional but encouraged.

If wearing own clothes these should be practical and comfortable. Children will be active and playing outside as well as inside. They may get messy! Children should not wear jewellery apart from watches or stud earrings.

All children should have footwear suitable for lots of movement with appropriate grip. No open toed shoes are permitted. 

Pre-school children need all weather coveralls and wellie boots so children can go out in wet weather and access Forest School.


Most children at the school will have identical or similar items of clothing.   It is therefore essential that everything has a name clearly marked inside so that if it is mislaid it can be returned.



Any form of jewellery, including nose studs or any other form of body piercing jewellery is considered unnecessary and is not suitable in school.  Such items are easily lost and can cause injury. 


When children have pierced ears they may wear small plain studs but not hoops.  If they do not have stud earrings then they should not wear earrings to school.


Any child arriving at school wearing items of jewellery, other than a watch or stud earrings, will be told to remove them.  The jewellery will be put in a sealed envelope to be collected by an adult at the end of the day.


Please avoid having any new piercings during term time, as all jewellery needs to be removed during PE sessions to avoid injury.



For health and safety reasons children should not wear platform soles, flip flops, high heels or open toes.  This expectation also applies to non-uniform and 'dress up' days so children are able to enjoy playtime as usual. 



Any form of make up is considered unnecessary and is not suitable for children to wear to school. They will be asked to remove it. This expectation applies to non-uniform and 'dress up' days.  This also includes nail polish.

The Local Authority is able to offer financial assistance towards pupils' basic clothing for those families who qualify for free school meals on income grounds.  Please visit the School Office for details.