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Remote Learning at Heathlands (updated 8.3.21)

If children are unable to attend school due to isolation or are awaiting Covid-19 test results


Under the current government guidance it is a requirement that we provide learning for children either via paper packs or Google Classroom. 

In the event of a class or group of pupils having to self-isolate, learning will be provided via Google Classroom. The systems and support in place for this will be the same as during the period of partial closure from 6th January to 8th March 2021.


For individual children, paper packs will be provided 24 hours after the school is notified of the isolation. These will be sent home with the child if they are in school, or can be collected from the school office the following day. 


Paper packs will only be delivered to those families who are self isolating due to symptoms/awaiting a test/positive test result or who are registered as clinically extremely vulnerable. 


If completing paper packs please retain the completed pack for return to school. We would recommend that you stick the papers into an exercise book and one is available from the office when you collect your pack. If you can, take a photo of completed work and upload it into Dojo or tapestry for EYFS for the teacher to feedback to your child on their learning.

Reading Books - 'Click and Collect' Service



During the period of partial closure between January and March, we operated a 'click and collect' service for exchanging reading books. In the event of a group of children being sent home to isolate, this service will resume. Further details will be communicated to you when this occurs. 


Where possible, we will endeavour to send reading books home with children on the day they are sent home to isolate, but this cannot be guaranteed. When in school, reading books will continue to be changed regularly and 'quarantined' upon return. 


The DfE has allocated some laptops to school to issue to those families who may not have access to a device at home and are in eligible year groups. There is not an allocated laptop for each child. In the event that a group of children are sent home to isolate, please message a senior leader if you require a laptop. The laptops can only be used to access Google classroom and any associated links given by the teacher. It will be returned to school after usual school resumes.



School has some bluetooth dongles available that will give a limited amount access to wifi. We are also able to apply for additional data from phone companies if some households need us to. Please message a senior leader who can arrange this for you.


Remote Learning Action Plan

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