Safeguarding Notice

Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated safeguarding leads Mrs Jill Turner, Miss Carla Pilgrim, Mr Christian Malone, Miss Rosanna Blake, Miss Rebecca Smith

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding policies can be found here:
Trust > Policies, Accounts & Formal Documents > Policies

Heathlands Primary Academy

Part of the Ocean Learning Trust

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Who's Who


Executive Headteacher: Christian Malone


Assistant Headteachers:          Jill Turner       Rebecca Smith       Rosanna Blake 


School Leadership Team

SENDCO/Inclusion/SLE: Jill Turner               


EYFS Phase Leader: Tracy Treen              


KS2 Phase Leader: Alexandra Stevens    

KS1 Phase Leader and Phonics Leader:

                                   Ryan Brehaut       

Pupil and Parent Support Worker:

                                   Carla Pilgrim        


Pre-School Teacher: Mark Whines

( Tuesday to Friday)                               


Reception Teacher: Tracy Treen         


Year 1 Teacher: Ryan Brehaut             


Yr 1/2 Teacher: Sue Matthews           


Year 2 Teacher: Kerry Palmer             


Year 3 Teacher: Alexandra Stevens   


Year 4 Teacher: Shelly Walpole         


Year 5 Teacher: Paul Dunsford         


Year 6 Teacher: Sam Page               



Standards Improvement Teacher:

                                Rebecca Blane


Learning Support Assistants: 

Pam Harris


Nessrine Hamza                             


Carla Gosby                                   

Lesley Mason


Montse Lemos                              


Lyn Joy                                         


Alison Payne                                 

Jacky Adams


Shannon Llewellyn (Maternity Leave)



Paul Gillingham                             


Clare Reeves                                

Haddie Kilner


Erica Scammell                             


Laura Rosenfeld                           


Claire Woodham                           


Sarah Strong                                


Sarah Lockerman                         


Naomi Chowdhiry                        


Laura Talvalin                              


Deborah Simpson-Kriek                


Andrew Smith                              


Speech and Language Development and Support: 

            Maureen Paterson            


Administration Officers: 

Jenny Tarrant                           


Michelle Yannick                       


Breakfast Club: Pam Harris and Marion Johnson (cover Alison Payne )


SUPERSTARS - After School Club

Alison Payne                            

Lesley Mason


Site Manager: Gabriel Caciula


Kitchen: Sue Kelly                   

    Marion Johnson


Lunchtime Assistants: Marc Holmes, Linda Markley and Jaime Kelly


Cleaners: Sue Kelly, Marion Johnson and Pauline Shury

You will also see central Ocean Learning Trust colleagues around the school:

Chief Operating Officer/Interim CEO: Paul Knight

Operations Manager: Sue Grey

HR Manager: Nicola Gay

Finance Manager: Rebecca Holmes