Safeguarding Notice

Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of any of our pupils please contact one of our Designated safeguarding leads Mrs Jill Turner, Miss Carla Pilgrim, Ms Janine Harries, Miss Rebecca Smith

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding policies can be found here:
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Remote Learning and Google Classroom

Remote Learning Action Plan

Under the current government guidance it is a requirement of all schools to provide remote learning via a virtual school.

At Heathlands this is via Google Classroom. All children have been provided with a log on for this.


Every day there will be a short live welcome from the 'remote' teacher on Google Classroom, a register time. This may also be attended by a senior leader or other class staff. We expect all children to be logged in and present for this, unless you have messaged the school to say your child cannot make it. It is no different to normal school. 

For those pupils who are not present and who do not send a message by 9.30am, the school office will contact you to check the child’s whereabouts as usual. The expectation is that every pupil will attend virtual school every day unless there is a message provided. If you are completing paper packs only then you should expect a short telephone call from a member of school staff to speak to your child. The number will be a withheld number. 


This is different to the previous lockdown. Under safeguarding requirements, all schools have a requirement to speak to or see each child regularly unless they are unwell.


Paper Packs

Most children are accessing learning through Google Classroom however, for a variety of reasons, some families are using alternative paper packs.


Paper packs are available for collection from the office after 2pm on Friday for those children whose parents who have requested these. Please do not come for a pack if you have not ordered one in advance with the class teacher.


Paper packs will only be delivered to those families who are self isolating due to symptoms/awaiting a test/positive test result or who are registered as clinically extremely vulnerable. 


If completing paper packs please retain the completed pack for return to school. We would recommend that you stick the papers into an exercise book and one is available from the office when you collect your pack. If you can take a photo of completed work and upload it into Dojo or tapestry for EYFS for the teacher to feedback to your child on their learning.

The DfE has allocated some laptops to school to issue to those families who may not have access to a device at home. There is not an allocated laptop for each child. So far heathlands has allocated all the laptops available to us but we do have a waiting list you can join if you are currently accessing in a less than ideal way or children are sharing devices at home. Please message a senior leader. The laptops can only be used to access Google classroom and any associated links given by the teacher. It will be returned to school after usual school resumes.



School has some bluetooth dongles available that will give a limited amount access to wifi. We are also able to apply for additional data from phone companies if some households need us to. Please message a senior leader who can arrange this for you.


Here are a few hints and tips for access and usage of Google Classroom while we use this as our remote learning platform.


How do I access Google Classroom?

If you do not know or have misplaced your account details simply send a DOJO message to a senior leader or email the school office and we'll send back the details you need.

Go to

When asked for an email or phone number type in the school provided email address

Click Next

When asked for a password type in the school provided password

Click Next

If this is your first time using Google Classroom, you'll be asked to firstly read and accept Google's agreement, then to choose "I'm a Student"

You're in!


Remember, even though the usernames for the accounts look like email addresses, we have not activated the feature to allow inboxes, so sending emails to the addresses won't go anywhere.



Remember Google Classroom works best on a computer/laptop through the Google Chrome browser.

Working through the browser to access Google Classroom will allow access to everything you need to take part in remote learning.

The only things you may need to have in addition is a webcam and microphone/headphones.

Most newer laptops tend to have webcams and microphones built in.


If you're using Google Classroom through a tablet or mobile device rather than a laptop or computer, do remember that most of the App Stores provide Google Classroom for free.

We have discovered that there is a problem with accessing Google Classroom and Google Meet on Amazon Fire tablets, which Amazon are working on.

There are however two apps that you'll need to download and sign in to.


Google Classroom

This app will allow access to the assigned classes and work while taking part in remote learning.


Google Meet

This one will be needed to take part in any live lessons. When downloaded and signed into with the same account as Google Classroom, any Meet links from Google Classroom will automatically switch to Meet so that you are able to take part.


Through Games Consoles

Here's an alternative method of accessing Google Classroom.


  1. Plug a USB Keyboard into any of the USB slots
  2. On the controller press the Home Button (Big XBox button)
  3. Go to My Games & Apps
  4. Select See All from the top
  5. Find Microsoft Edge under Apps
  6. In the address bar at the top type in
    (Details on the main page)
  7. To move around you use the XBox controller or plug in a USB Mouse to another USB slot.


  1. Internet Browser on PlayStation allows access to Google Classroom
  2. If it's missing because you have a "custom" layout, press the PS Button on the controller.
  3. Go to the Library and find Options for games and applications.
  4. Go into applications and you will find the Internet Browser.
  5. Type in and log in as normal
    (Details on the main page)


Things to remember when using Google Classroom

Some teachers will have a select or direct way that they would like you to join their Meet session for live sessions. If you choose to join another way you may find yourself denied access or kicked out by the teacher.

Any questions about this please ask the teacher.

If a teacher is presenting their screen, they cannot see the children or read any chat messages if they need help!




"I'm being asked for a Class Code"

If you're logged in with your school provided Google Classroom account you will not need to enter a Class Code, the system will automatically allocate it to the correct class.

Check that you're trying to access through the school provided account, not a personal one.

If this is the first time the account has been used it does need a moment to figure out which class it belongs to, log off give it a few minutes and log back in.


"It says the password I've been given is too long?"

The password we've provided for you is the correct length, the system that generates the accounts to be used with Google Classroom makes it so that they're ready to use.

If you get a message saying the password is too long, you're not actually using the account we've provided for you, you're actually trying to create a personal one.

Unfortunately, we've setup our Google Classroom so that you are only able to access it with the school issued accounts.


"How do I make it so that I can see the teacher better rather than everyone in the Meet?"

When you're looking at the meet on a computer, in the bottom right of the screen you should see three dots (move the mouse to the bottom right if you see nothing there).


One of the options in this menu should be layout and you'll have a few options to play with.


Auto - Allow Meet to choose the layout for you.


Tiled - When there is no presentation, this layout shows a grid view of equal-sized images. When there is a presentation, the presentation is shown in a larger format with speakers shown alongside it.


Spotlight - Full-screen layout with the option to display the presentation, active speaker, or participant you pin. When you pin a participant or presentation, they’re always visible. 


Sidebar - One main image of a participant or the presentation. The images of other meeting participants are on the side.