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After Lady Arabella Buckingham visited last week and said that West Howe looked 'ghastly...grey, grey and more grey' we decided to go out and have a look for ourselves!

Today we used our geography skills to follow a map of part of the West Howe area and look for some places that we could make more beautiful by planting flowers. We must have been amazing at following the map as we managed to  got back to school without getting lost!

We identified both natural and  man=made features and even thought of symbols to represent them that we then used to create a key! We decided to look at an area outside the library that looked like it needed some flowers and got invited into Fernheath to have a look at their outside space.  

We don't think the 'Queen' will come to visit if we don't do something to make it more colourful.

We even took a photo of the pots at the front of the school and thought that they need sorting too! So when we came back we decided that we are now going to write letters to the library and Fernheath to ask if we can make them look more beautiful. Watch this space...

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Festival of Me

We hosted the West Howe Community Enterprises (WHCE) Festival of Me community day on Sunday 15th May. 


Southwest Big Dance Project

We allowed Pavilion Dance to use our hall to practice for the Southwest Big Dance Project which included performances on Sunday 15/5 at Heathlands (as part of Festival of Me) and on Friday 20/5 afternoon as part of Big Dance Pledge day (at Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth).


Youth and Community Arts Project

The YMCA Bournemouth Young Citizens, Rainbow Arts Dorset CIC and adult volunteers from West Howe Community Enterprises used the school to practice singing, dancing, music and drama involving children and young people from the local community.  They put on performances at Christmas and during the Festival of Me at Heathlands on Sunday 15th May.   


Live Well Dorset

The school has hosted nutrition and cooking sessions for local residents and hopes to do so regularly in the future. 

Junior Policy Community Support Officers
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