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Nurture Group

Nurture Groups are an effective way of meeting the needs of children and young people at the correct stage of their development.  The routine is carefully planned to encompass a balance of learning and teaching, affection and structure in a home-like atmosphere.


Whilst in Nurture the children will complete a variety of activities, play structured games and each session finishes with snack time. Snack time is an important element that encourages making choices, taking turns, 


Nurture group is a short term intervention that will help children to build skills and confidence to ensure that they achieve well therefore Nurture group is neither a punishment nor reward. 


Possible reasons for being invited to Nurture may be:

  • To support social and language communication skills.

  • To support less developed social skills.

  • To support developing social skills to ensure successes.

  • To support those who may have suffered a trauma in their family such as a bereavement or marriage breakdown that is affecting their everyday life.

  • To support those who have been unable to make a relationship of trust with a caring adult.